Come and see at the JasVil Flea!

Have you been to the Jamestown Village Vintage Fleamarket? It is a smaller venue that features merchants from all over. They bring wonderful wares , tiny treasures, and unique findings right to Whimzy's doorstep! Dianne and I love the 4th Sunday of the month! Not only because we only need step out of the door to shop, but because we get to spend time with our regular visitors! I have learned so much from all of these friendly people! Advice from a retired teacher, future real estate projections, remedies for colds, and recipes for fantastic food. All of this from our little fleamarket! Yes, it is the shopping, but more importantly it's the melange of unique people you dig through to find the real treasures!


Rita said...

I love your Jamestown flea market! I bought so many trinkets and treasures once. I need to come back! Love your blog Ciao Rita mammabellarte

Pandora said...

I will be up to check it out! I haven't been in your shop in awhile, so that will be on the list to visit too!