Fleamarket Finds!

One of the best parts of hosting the Jamestown Village Vintage Fleamarket is seeing all the amazing finds! There is always someone who finds an item they have been searching for for so long at a F A B U L O U S price. They love to share their big score with Dianne and I when they stop into Whimzy!

February's Fab Find was a book of Civil War plates. All in color, from 1908. Soliders on horse back, in battle and conference all told about 30 plates for just $20.00! The collector value of each print is $10.00 each! So for the little investment of $20.00, this saavy fleamarketer's purchase is worth $300.00! We LOVE stories like that and hope to hear many more!

Won't you come down and find an amazing item at the Jamestown Village Vintage Fleamarket? Always the fourth Sunday which is March 28th this month! Stop in and share your treasures with the girls at Whimzy!

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Anonymous said...

Amazing find!! That little flea market Whimzy produces is GREAT!! and you never know what you will come across, case in point.