Is this FANTASTIC or what!

A few months ago a friend of mine, Marian Ballog, asked me to participate in a vintage "ABC" swap.  I hesitated, naturally being the commitment phobe I am!  But the lure of having this magnificent handmade book drew me in!  I have never done a swap before, so I did not know what to expect.

What letter do you think I chose?  "W" of course!(Whimzy!)  I did not sleep for days, dreaming only of things that begin with the letter "W"!

The due date for the swap was late September.  Can you say "Glitterfest"?  Yes, my pages were late!  But what I got in return, well here are the first photos!

This is how everything arrived-wrapped up so prettily!  Marian is very detail oriented!

 This is a wonderful little flip box with my collage and my 1st grade photo on it that Marian created for me!

 These are some gifts from the other letter girls!  Very sweet!

 This is the book in a customized bag.  Notice all the little ABC details!

And here is the actual book!  Marian used an old book cover for the front, our 1st grade photos for the table of contents, and each page is full of treasures from the letter girls!  Stay tuned for pics of some of the actual pages!

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