Our Gypsy Mermaid!

We had the exotic Robin Dudley-Howes at Whimzy recently and let me tell you something!  That girl is all that!  She is a fabulous teacher, an amazing artist, and above all, a person who is generous and authentic.

Robin joined us  to teach her "Mermaid Cuff" class.  An experience of wire wrapping, beading, fabric and more.  Each student did a fabulous creation of their very own.  Each as unique as its creator, which I think is the best part of a class!
Robin has the best treasure.  I tried to steal this, but she caught me!

Tools, tools, tools!  Robin always brings a new tool for her students to try out!

It really helps to stand back and study your piece as you go!

OMG!  Cute kits or what!?  Robin makes cute displays for her pieces too!

Oooooooo!  S-P-A-R-K-L-Y!

There is something about having the shoppe full of giggly, creative, women that just makes it all worth it! 
 Join us sometime, won't you?


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