Halloween has always held a special place for Dianne & me.  We used to spend weeks planning out the decorations.  We would make our own spiders and webs.  We even made our own dead bodies to decorate the front porch.

Our Dad used to dress up as Frankenstein to hand out candy.  He is 6'5", needless to say he was very scary!
I remember how he would put flashing lights in the trees so our house had lightning, and a thunder soundtrack to go with!  He carved pumpkins with us too.  My Dad always made Halloween extra fun.

We have worked long hours creating spooky magic for Whimzy!  Hand decorated Coffin candy boxes, fabulous doll heads, old scientific wonders, ravens, Haunted photos, and more fill the shoppe with frightful fun!  Stop in and say "BOO!" won't you?

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