Treasures from Irvine!

Dianne & I made it to Irvine last week & look what I found! These cute littLe figurines! I love the little Siamese dancers! They will be put into a collage soon, holding up....hmmm... a delectible chocolate truffle! And these lovely "Howdy" girls might be holding lollipos! Can you tell I have been watching what I eat? Ha! Ha! :) Anyway, we had a fun time at Irvine, brought back some goodies for the shop. Stop in soon & see!


Harmless Brat said...

i can't wait to see what you do with them, and the ideas, SO Unique! and *sweet* lol :)

Anonymous said...

ohh I love the ideas of truffles and lollipops! cant wait to see! ohh and I really dont have any tips for adobe because I just started!! lol got any for me?!
big mermaid hugs


dk vintage holiday said...

I think these are called flat backs. I bought a large bunch of them on ebay. I use them with my Santas.