More Estate Treasure!

 Is this frame not adorable?!  It stands only 3" tall!  I am sure I could find someone fabulous to put into it!  I tried to stick it into my pocket more than once on Sunday!
Needless to say, I got caught!  My bad luck is your gain.......if you hurry!

This porcelain crown is a treasure unto itself!  It is in magnificent condition and looking for a good home.....

This unique item is a glass hand sculpture.  It is signed and really beautiful!  It could make a fabulous paperweight!

These are just some of the unusual findings now at Whimzy!  Come in and see for yourself!  If it has been a month since you have given yourself a present,  now's the time to shop!


Anonymous said...

Whimzy always finds unique treasures! thanks for being one of Scoop's biggest fans.

BeatingArt said...

Hello Sheryl:
I just stumbled into your blog and was delighted to see the format you chose on Blogger. You are the "first" one i have run into with one of the new looks. AND i have enjoyed browsing through all your photos. I have taught in the past beading and had a couple of classes at Gilding when Nancy was scheduling the classes. A wonderful little store. I have never been to Whimzy, but it looks like i should wonder in sometime. I live in Ontario and don't make it to Orange County very often. I wish you much success in your classes.
Blog: howmyartbeats.blogspot.com