New @ Whimzy!

 Dianne has been busy collecting wonderful unique items for Whimzy!  This amazing little ballerina is one of them!  She is about 7 to 8 cinches high.  Her arms and legs are cotton bunting.  Her face is cotton too, but  different from her lovely limbs.  She wear a gorgeous satin dress and is adorned by a sparkling crown.

New to Whimzy! are these marvelous porcelain legs!  Several sets in many different sizes to make dolls from or use in an artful project!  I think I may need a set for my desk!  They are wonderful!

 I love that some are crossed and others have pantaloons!  So much fun!  The small ones could be dressed into a necklace!  What a conversation piece that would be!

Whimzy! hosts the Vintage Fleamarket @ Jamestown this Sunday, the 23rd!  Get a leg up!  Spend $100.00 or more in the store and receive a 20% discount!  We look forward to seeing you there!


Anonymous said...

Dianne has such a good eye for the unique. Your store is such a delight and a breath of fresh creative air. I am looking forward to Glitterfest! Congrats on the 6 page spread in Summerset magaizine, you guys ROCK!!

A rootdigger said...

unique. love your background!