Pokin' Around Pasadena(the way Jed the Fish says it!)

Last week Di & I and my daughter headed out to Pasadena.  We have been wanting to get out there, but as many of you know we just never seem to get out anywhere!

Our first stop was "Zinnia".  We made excellent time and Pasadena isn't as far away as I thought.  We had a little time to waste so we stopped into "Mix & Match".

Inside they have a fantastic selection of cereals.  You can combine them however you want!  Several choices of milk also!  On top of that you can order a grilled cheese sandwich just about any way possible!  We decided upon shepherds bread, american and provolone cheeses, and BACON!

IT WAS FABULOUS!!!  After the sandwich we Dianne spied a box of "Quisp".  I don't know how many of you remember it but it was one of our childhood favorites!

Well we bought a nice sized snack container to keep us company!  Anyway, Zinnia was open by now so we mosied on over and enjoyed this creative and artful store.  Full of findings and goodies.  Some beautiful artwork from several different artists.  The artist working that day was ever-so friendly, allowing us to take some pics and telling us all about the things they do at Zinnia.

This is the lampshade over the counter.  Isn't it amazing?????!!!!!  They offer a big selection of classes as well.  All very reasonable!  Check it out here.
I am sorry I do not remember the gentleman's name, but Dianne did buy one of his art pieces which is really superb!

Next it was on to "Gold Bug".  This is a store on the darker side of art.  Full of unusual items to say the least.  Amazing jewelry, very rare and antique book plates, steam punk sculpture(that watches you with eyes!), some really amazing leather clothing, and some dioramas depicting bugs living as we so.  WITH REAL BUGS!  Having tea, sleeping doing laundry and such.  Very different and very cool! 

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Patti -Truly Tattered said...

Hey how come I did not come? I love grilled cheese. Anyway check out our new blog!

robin dudley-howes said...

I LOVE Goldbug and Pasadena!!