Coptic Journals with Jenelle Van de Mortel

Saturday I was lucky-ducky to take Jenelle's Journal making class.  I rarely get to play so I was very excited to spend the day being creative with the other students!

Jenelle is very energetic, fun, and artful!  As I am sure you can see by the table setting!

Isn't it lovely!

Here I have just applied gesso to the journal covers.

Terry does the "flapper" to help her journal covers dry!

Here I have painted, glazed, and decoupaged the front.  I have also painted, textured and glammed up the back cover.  Jenelle knows so much about some many products!  Many are new to me and will soon be added to my creative arsenal!

Here is the crepe medallion to decorate the front!

Next, we learned the art of sew in the "signature" of pages using the kettle stitch.  Jenelle made this very complicated method very easy!

The stitches form a beautiful chain like stitch along the spine of the book.

Here you can see how spectacular it is all coming out!

And here is it!  Isn't it fabulous!  Glittery, artsy, and oh so fun!
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Jenelle-Van de Mortel Designs said...

Whimzy is such a wonderful place to create! I so enjoyed teaching the coptic journal class - what a great group and fun day. ox - jenelle