Red Riding Hood was back!

Last Saturday, we had the wonderful Polka Dot Pixie back @ Whimzy!  Jenny Hernandez spent a few hours and had a lot of fun teaching her Red Riding Hood Project.  Here are some shots of the students contructions!

It was a full house!

All the supplies included.  Isn't she cute!

Forming her head and face.

Time to add arms!

Students made her outfit as well.  It's a no-sew technique!

 Getting ready to put Red together.

 Each sculpture shows the personality of her creator!

 Hollie decided to "Goth" her sculpture a bit!

She also came out very cool!

Join us at Whimzy! for all kinds of different projects!  Click here to see what's coming up!


Jenelle-Van de Mortel Designs said...

It was SUCH a great class!! Can't wait to take another @ Whimzy :)

. said...

These are so sweet...just like Jenny! Looks like everyone had a great time!