Long time no write, I know, but with all of the social media out there I do not know where this blog fits in.  Please leave a comment if you were here, so we know who is out there!
These are the Glitterfest Fall winners for the most "BOOTIFUL BOOTH!".  We give out awards at every Glitterfest.  So many of the artists go above and beyond on their booths , we just had to recognize them for all of their efforts!
 Priscilla Magdaleno and Becky Wimbs-These lovely ladies are so talented and sooooo nice!  They always pack their space with sparkling magic!  We love them both and are so happy they continue to join us for Glitterfest!

 The folks from Meyer Imports!  They continually provide Glitterfest shoppers with the best glitter in the universe!  It looks so yummy you want to dive in and play in it!

Deb Ward Kennedy of HOMEWARD found had the most amazing waterfall of sweater pumpkins and décor!  I believe it was her parents there helping as well!  Deb dressed the part too, which is always fun and appreciated!  This was her first Glitterfest.  We hope she will join us again!
For everyone that joined us for Glitterfest, Thank you!  It was a wonderful day full of art, fun and sparkling laughter!  For those that missed out, please plan to join us on March 15, 2014 for our next Artful Occasion!

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