I've been BUSY!

I have had so much fun creating these cute little party hats! I have using what ever I could find and in a major surge of artistic musings made about 7 different pieces.
I love the feeling of inspiration that takes over and commands you to think of nothing else for days. It's like a binge, only with glitter and rhinestones!
The shop is looking fabulous and we owe it all to our friends Stacey and Bud. Party Hats off to you guys! I love you!


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Those are great, and wonderfully photographed. I have been on a "binge" with decorating glass bottles...... I do that with almost any creation; I am obsessed for a time! :)
Thank you for sharing these lovelies with us!

Stacey Steimle said...

Looks Incredible!