I'm the new Lunch Lady!

Well what-a-ya know! I have just completed my first week of being an official "Lunch Lady" for GGUSD! For those of you who don't know me, this is the first full week of work I have done in probably 10 or so years. I am a Mom who volunteers at school, but as far as an outside job it has been awhile.
Am I tired? Oh Yeah! But it was interesting and somewhat fun. The people I have been working with are really terrific! And very helpful too! I don't like wearing a hairnet at all!!!
And I am rather blessed in the chest department so-with the addition of some cat's eye glasses I really do look like that scary lunch lady we all remember!
Life is short! Wear a crown......while serving up lunch!

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chelle said...

I was in Whimzy's today, and met your sister... I have to tell you I LOVE the store and your sister is so sweet and so enjoyable to talk with. I loved your crowns and look forward to taking a class next month =)