It's getting a little SPOOKY around here! Last week we spent three days flipping the shoppe and bring out all the creepy Halloween treasures! Both Dianne & I love this time of year! I thought I could feel it in the air last week, but this week all I feel is HOT! This is a shot of the "Little Church" in our parking lot and it's daily visitor! This huge Raven likes to perch on the top of the cross and "sing"! Very Halloweeny!

This is a moth found on my neighbors front porch. After searching the web I found the name of this beauty is "Black Witch Moth". Very funny considering Halloween is my friend least favorite holiday! This sucker was about 6" across and very pretty. It stayed for about a day and 1/2 and then disappeared into the night! Very Halloweeny!
Stay tuned! I will have more pics of the store & some of my latest creations very soon!

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