GLITTERFEST is coming!

Hang on to your hats fellow art junkies! Whimzy is putting on an mixed media art show in 2009! A sparkling show full to the brim with gorgeous handmade wonders! It is happening in May-click on the Glitterfest Fairy to get all the deets! You can see the ad in the Winter Somerset Life. See you there!


Harmless Brat said...

hello! :D just met dianne today! very excited about what's to come! *GlitterFest* Sounds so amazing! xoxo

Harmless Brat said...

nice to meet you Sheryl! lol :D i actually haven't left anything yet, i am working on an estimate to get jewelry tags! *quiver* i can't believe it! eeee :D i have to talk to Dianne tomorrow to tell her what's going on :D yes yes yes! haha :) and thanks for the "hello" :D