Tag! You're it!

Just another fun way to bring us all together! I picked up these really fun scrapping tags at Scrapbooking Heaven in HB the other day. I have been wrackin' my brain for ideas for Glitterfest name tags, when all of a sudden I saw these on a rack! They already have really cute sayings on them, like Art, Classique, Health Check, & 100% Perfection! I just stamped on each artist & helpers names, added some sparkles and viola! Ribbons finish the whole project off and I am DONE! Don't they look great on my Gaudy, Purple Mannequin?! ;)


Harmless Brat said...

ohhh myyy goshhh :D :D :D they are beautifuulll :) :) i cannot WAIT! grrrr.

Anonymous said...

totally cute!! AND I love the new background. only a couple more weeks until Glitterfest, I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

Marilyn Adams said...

Fabulous! i love em, and i love the new look of your blog. i'm glad YOU'RE ready.