It's all about believing in yourself!

"All creative people think their stuff is lame. It's an artist thing."~Sam- from Icarly

I have been "artistic" since Kindergarten. My first big break came when fingerpainting in class. The collective faculty was very impressed with my piece and decided it should hand in the teachers lounge for my entire elementary career. It was returned to me during 5th grade commencement and is now a memory on film.

That label has stuck with me and although I take great pride in it sometimes it is quite a burden. Being artistic puts you in a different light, expectations from others as well as yourself are elevated and the pressure is on! Inspiration strikes at the strangest moments and I find it very difficult to get them out the way I see them. I guess that is the journey!

I am surrounded by creative people, many of whom do not acknowledge their talents. This is a common affliction, especially among my women friends. I often do the same thing, never feeling quite "original" enough, "inventive" enough, and the pressure builds to be something more.
I guess this too, is part of the journey.

So, in honor of those many women who put themselves out there and in doing so, show me they have what it takes , I am making a solemn vow to spend more time on my art and less time criticizing it. I vow to see the uniqueness in whatever I do and to acknowledge the inspirations that come from all the truly wonderful gals that never stop dreaming of what is on their personal artistic horizon!

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Kim-Fille de Fleur said...

VERY Well written. Your writing is really wonderful. Have you been told that before?

I can relate to this post, especially since my dear sis was the creative, talented, artist one and I was the funny one. It took me a long time before I was comfortable with being labeled creative. I own it now. She is talented and wonderful in many ways and so am I! The best thing is that none of this ever came between us and we are the bestest of friends.
See ya soon and hop on over to my blog tomorrow to see the Where Women Create challenge.