Taking the Ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!

New to Whimzy are these artful little furniture creations by Wendy Addison! Constructed of board and newsprint style paper, they stand and stack into creative little sculptures elevating the every day to elegance. Stack them, use them for display stands, or just each by itself, these little paper productions add that unexpected note to any arrangement. I wish I had thought of that! So simple-so clever!

I have always had a deep admiration for "Tramp-Art" and I think this fits into that unique category. Do you remember the doll sized furniture made from tin cans? How about photo frames made of folded cigarette packs? Dianne and I love that unique flavor! Keep your eyes open! You never know what inspiration will be around the next dustbin!


Stacey Steimle said...

I like the new background and I am looking forward to Glitterfest fall.I am sure it will be spooktacular!!

Sherry Goodloe said...

As always, I enjoyed seeing you last Sunday when I stopped in the store :)

Flea Market Queen said...

Love Wendy Addison!!!
I need to stop by...
I need my Whimzy fix!!