Glitterfest Goodies

Part of the fun of being a Glitterfest Hostess is the opportunity to spoil our artists. Dianne and I really enjoy coming up with little special mementos to commemorate this special day. Above is the beginnings, actually the middle-ings of the Artist pins.

For those of you who don't know us well, my sister and I have a little shoppe in Tustin called "Whimzy". Through the shoppe we have met many, many amazingly talented people. Over time and conversation "Glitterfest" emerged as a wonderful fun way to get all these creative souls together. This brings us new creative souls as good word spreads and things move along. I can not emphasize enough how truly enchanting our first "Glitterfest" was! And now as we embark on "Glitterfest Fall" Dianne and I find ourselves planning for Spring already!

All this goodness just makes me was to do more! In these times it is so important to have things to look forward to and I for one, am counting the days until October 10th. Sometimes in a major tizzy because I am running out of time and sometimes in sparkling anticipation of meeting so many new people!


Sherry Goodloe said...

And although I sadly won't be able to participate in this what is going to be another FAB-U-LOUS event, I have at least started blogging about it to get the word out even more.

I hope there will be lots of photos for me to drool over when I return from my cruise!

cyber hugs & kisses!!

icandy... said...

lovely goodies!!! Soooo much fun for your artists.... how lucky are they to receive those treats?! Then again, you are so lucky too, to have such talented contributors, huh? Have a great time!