Time is of the Essence!

You know, I really enjoy all the processes that Glitterfst requires. As an artist, I am always attempting to make everything for our artists special in some little way, just to let them know how excited I am they are joining me for a truly magical day!

I just completed the first cache of packages for our group. Mind you, it took several days and many tense muscles, but they have been graciously released into the world to surprise and motivate all the creatives muses of Glitterfest!

This is the beginning of the storm of activity I will endure and conquer for that wonderful, spooky day in October! I hope you will join me in welcoming the fall season and our Glitterfest Gals on October 10th!


Sherry Goodloe said...

I sooooo want to come to the 2nd Glitterfest. If my sil/bff arrives from Texas early enough and we're all packed and ready to go on the cruise, I will be sure to stop by. I know it will be fabulous! The first one was just wonderful. xoxo

robin dudley-howes said...

Looking forward to it Sheryl! Can't wait to get the package.