Sparkle, sparkle EVERYWHERE!

Here are more pics of Glitterfest Fall~
Top is Kimberlee Edgar or "Edgar & Edgar". She is truly a little devil! Absolutely wonderful girl! And her Mom too!

Next is Tricia Samsal with her amazing Haunted houses! Another wonderful artistic lady!

Then it's Cynthia Morehouse and a terrific selection of her "Day of the Dead" jewelry!

Here are Kim Kostka and Kerri Judd behind their tables filled with fantastic hand painted pumpkins, beautiful velvet fleurs, and handmade treasures!

And finally, Caroline Carrera of "Twigs" specializes in crystal embellishments. Every frame and lamp is embellished by hand with vintage crystals and rhinestones! I think hers was one of the sparkly-est tables!

This is just the first aisle! I will post more soon!

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Kimberly said...

It was such a fun day! It went by too fast, Please send more pictures so I can see what I missed.
I can't wait till Gitterfest Spring!