My Art Box

This is my art box. This once ment to be a tackle box was bought for me when I started college. Needless to say it has been my friend for many years. When you open the latches they "click" and kind of swing around.
Sometimes they get stuck and you have to try again.

It smells like pencils and acrylics, and ink. It is stained with oil pastels and gunky art gum erasers. has stayed with me all this time to occasionally be re-born as a carrier of whatever-suits-my-fancy.

In its former life it held beading supplies-at least on side of it did. It has recently been reincarnated as my collage carrier. As you can see it is full of treasure just waiting to be attached to some wonderful keep-me-up-all-night concoction. I took some time to organize the bits and pieces today. It is the kind of activity that makes your mind go quiet. There's not much going on in my brain most days, but putting pretty things in their cubbies just puts me at peace. Of course now that my favorite college buddy and my fun collection of artful things are in order I don't want to mess them up! I know that tonight in that twilight sleepy time, memories of today will become the inspirations for tomorrow and I will be making a new mess of things soon!

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