My Woodland Fairy

I was out walking the other day after the rain. I noticed a ring of mushrooms to my right. I don't know if you know this but, a ring of mushrooms is called a "Fairy Ring". This is where the fairies dance at night. I quietly approached the ring and sitting on a mushroom was this cute little one named "Abeline". After telling her all about GLITTERFEST she decided to come and stay with me to see what it is all about! So, if you would like a woodland fairy of your own-she has agreed to model for you! You are welcome to come join me at Whimzy! on the 18th of February to learn how to create a little fairy jar of your own !


Anonymous said...

Check out my ETSY site. You should do the same.

Sweet Remembrance said...

So sorry I missed it!
Looking forward to the next class...